Osiris Genesis

Designed in 2012, we worked on this prototype for about 8 years and it has proven to be highly effective in the following US Pairs: USDCHF, USDCAD and EURUSD.

Genesis delivers to critical value plays: Extreme Levels and N5. When we look at currencies our goal is to identify potential entries to reduce ‘drawdown and risk’ then we want to keep those trades as long as possible to tackle 150/200 pips this positioning is called; Extreme Levels.

On the other hand, when currencies (or any asset class) moves sideways, we always wondered ‘how to’ identify the next breakout and ‘how far’ (probability) may the currency move in terms of pips. We named this positioning N5, because as soon as any currency pair or cross tackles the N5 Algo level, we know an explosive 150 pips move is about to take place.

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Osiris Ragnarok

Designed in 2014, together with Osiris Genesis, we wanted to adjust our trading to high-volatility Currency Crosses (HV-CC) such as GBPJPY, EURNZD and GBPNZD.

Ragnarok’s ‘plug and play’ automated algorithm, statistically speaking, has proven to be effective in all US Pairs except GBPUSD where the pair produced two (2) negative months during 2019.

If we go back to 2018, Ragnarok’s training module solves one (1) of the greatest mystery in ‘martingale algos’ How to follow the trend applying Price Rotation?

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